10 things you may not know that could kill your dog

6/ Small toys

A dog, after all, is nothing more than a child who doesn’t talk or cry! You need to be vigilant: logically, if they ingest small toys, there is a risk of choking. Take precautions and don’t leave small objects lying around.

Credits: Pexels

7/ Lilies, tulips, hydrangeas and ivy

Certain plants are toxic for dogs. Plan your garden with care!

Credits: Pixnio

8/ Tobacco

Smoking isn’t good for anyone, as you already know. But it is even less so for your dog, given his body weight and the small size of his lungs. Inhaling smoke is one thing, but eating cigarette butts is quite another. Don’t leave your cigarette butts on the ground.

Credits: Pixabay

9/ Avocado

Avocados are well known for being a source of good fats. But what is good for us is not necessarily good for animals. The fat in avocados could damage your dog’s pancreas, and the seed is extremely toxic.

Credits: Pixabay

10/ Essential oils

Are you a fan of home-made air fresheners and perfumes? Don’t worry, it isn’t the smell or the vapours that will make your dog sick, only skin contact or ingestion.

Credits: Pexels