10 things you may not know that could kill your dog

Have you just gotten an adorable little puppy, who demands nothing of  you but love, and returns it five times over? If you have decided to get your children a husky, having been worn down until you agreed to let a little ball of destruction into your home, there are certain essential things you need to know. And even if you are experienced with dogs, there are certain dangers that you may not have heard about. Because sugar and chocolate are not the only enemies of our canine friends.

1/ Pesticides

Pesticides and other insecticides are harmful to the environment and to our health, but also to our dogs! Watch out for mosquito repellents, fly killing sprays and the weedkillers you spray freely on your balcony.

Credits: Pxhere

2/ Cleaning products

If you haven’t yet gone organic and DIY in terms of your cleaning products (more’s the pity!), you could end up poisoning your puppy with bleach, Mr. Muscle or the suspicious blue liquid for cleaning the windows.

Credits: Pixabay

3/ Batteries

Batteries: a public enemy not to forget about. The substances that coat batteries are extremely toxic, and not only for your dog.

4/ Paracetamol

Of course, it would never occur to you to crush a few Panadols into the dog food if he was feeling poorly! But it is best to keep an eye on medications, as dogs will generally eat just about anything.

Credits: Pixabay

5/ Milk and cheese

Rich in lactose, milk and other dairy derivatives (particularly cheese) can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other intestinal problems if ingested by dogs. The fat contained in cheese can cause inflammation of the pancreas which can in fact be fatal for a dog.

Credits: Pixabay