10 Spot the Error drawings that contain inconsistencies

Can you foil the traps contained in these 10 seemingly normal illustrations?

The Brightside entertainment website has come up with the idea of concocting drawings that contain anomalies, which will not escape the most attentive of you. Will you be able to foil all their illusory traps? Be careful, do not read the solution below until you have analyzed the scene!

1/ Office scene

You found it! There are only 30 days in the month of June!

2/ Swing

The way the swing is attached to the seat and tree would mean the girl couldn’t swing and would always fall backwards and fall off.

3/ A factory at sunset

According to the time on the clock it is impossible for there to be a sunset at that time.

4/War ship

One wonders how this naval building was able to get to the quay, in view of the narrowness of the port entrance door!

5/ Sand castles

The green bucket is the wrong way around to make a castle.