Feeling blue? Here are 10 songs scientifically proven to brighten your mood

Credits : Pexels

Music can light up your day or even make it all better!  There is nothing like some cool grooves to brighten your mood, relieve your stress and ease any tensions.  When you are feeling blue in the morning, listen to these top 10 songs scientifically proven to help boost your mood.

There are some song you should just avoid when you are feeling a bit down. Goodbye slow ballads which bring a tear to the eye and acoustic solos which can make your heart ache.  Say hello to mood boosting vibes, songs with a catchy chorus, key change and a bouncing rhythm.  Here are the top 10 tracks to make you happy as revealed by science!

1/ “Don’t Stop Me Now”, Queen

Nothing is stopping Freddie Mercury. So why should you?

2/ “Dancing Queen”, Abba

Feeling down? You can count on ABBA to boost your moral in a flash!

3/ “Good Vibrations”, The Beach Boys

With these vibrations you can transport yourself to California and surf the waves with boys… or at least almost.

4/ “Uptown Girl”, Billie Joel

There is nothing like this retro song to put you in a good mood.

5/ “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor

This classic by Survivor makes you want to fight away any gloominess.  You’re a force to be reckoned with!