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10 photos showing why the President of Ireland is the best in the world!

Rare are the countries that hold their presidents in such high esteem. Between diverse and varied reforms and the tirades of their detractors, heads of state can rarely please everyone. But there is one in particular that stands out, in terms of his popularity…

Michael D. Higgins has been President of Ireland since the 11th November 2011. A historical date that appears to have brought him good luck. Twice the Minister for Culture, and a poet in his spare time, the Irish president has however only limited power in his country. He is considered more a “guardian of the constitution”, and a loyal representative of Ireland at the heart of world affairs. But President Higgins is far from your regular president. Authentic and accessible, he is at once an inspirational figure head, and the grandfather you always wished you had! The proof is in these 10 photos.

1/ Selfie among friends

2/ Queuing for the bank machine like everybody else

3/ A moment of undisguised tenderness

Genuine compassion in spades, and fellow feeling with everyday people.

4/ Having the chats

Michael D. knows how to listen to the citizens… Whatever they may be!

5/ A passionate embrace

Romance has no age!