10 optical illusions hidden in the logos of well known brands

7/ The number ‘1’ hidden in the Formula 1 logo

Can you see the ‘1’ hidden in white, in the middle of the F1 logo?

8/ The Pacman in the LG Electronics logo

Okay, it’s not entirely accurate to call it an optical illusion, because the design that could resemble Pacman isn’t completely marked out…. But we can easily imagine it!

9/ The 0-1 in the power button of your computer

We all know the simply symbol that allows us to switch on and off our computers. But did you know that it the design relates to binary code, with the simple image of a 1 and a 0?

15/ The 4 in Facebook’s geo-localisation symbol

If you look twice, you will see the number ‘4’ appearing in the ‘map’ of Facebook’s geo-localisation symbol. Why this number? In fact, it was just a question of agreement from Foursquarethe search engine for geo-localisation.