10 myths about the problems you experience with your PC

6/ By upgrading your old PC and buying some new parts, you can make it work as good as new

The idea is good, and thrifty too. Instead of buying a new one, renovate the old one! But to do so, you need to invest in a new graphics card, in RAM, a new processor and another hard drive…. Which doesn’t really follow the current trends either, given that technology is always evolving.

Credits: Pexels

7/ It’s better not to install updates so as not to slow down your computer

Updates generally contain security fixes that fight against malware and spyware. It is therefore important to install them. Because in the end, the old versions of your software will end up being incompatible with the majority of web tools.

Credits: Pexels

8/ There is no need to read the terms and conditions of the new programmes you install, they don’t make any difference

In the pages and pages of information they give you to read, there are often boxes you need to tick to avoid installing malware by mistake. Pay careful attention to the questions during installation and uncheck any installation proposals.

Credits : Pixabay

9/ If a programme has ads, it must be official

Just because a programme has ads everywhere doesn’t mean that it is not malicious! Many malware producers have the money needed to pay for advertising. Make sure not to fall for it!

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

10/ Registry cleaners will make your PC run faster

If you are to believe the ads, registry cleaners are a miracle cure for speeding up your PC in the blink of an eye. However, you are likely to be disappointed: these programmes in fact only do the opposite, taking up RAM space when they are running, and they can even damage your registry. So don’t be a sheep and hold on to your cash for the weekend!

Credits : Pixabay