10 Most incredible cinemas from around the world


While piracy, streaming and other illegal downloads are increasingly the way users watch movies, series and documentaries, the real cinema experience has not disappeared. Some cinemas have understood this by trying to make a film release more amazing than ever to help lure people back into their theatres. Outdoor cinemas, exceptional rooms or quite special locations, here are 10 movie theatres that will make you want to go and watch a film there and be an experience you will never forget!

1.Thai Floating Movie Theatre ( Kudu Island, Thailand)

Source : @Archipelago Cinema

2. Islamic Temple Kurshumli An, city of Skopje, Macedonia

Source @boredpanda

3. Orinda Cinema, in California

Source : @franckbohbot
Source : @franckbohbot

4. UGC cinema in the Brouckère square in Brussels, in Belgium

Source : @boredpanda

5. The Orange Cinema Club, Pékin, in China

@TimeOut Beijing