On the run… 10 dangerous animals which escaped from the zoo!

Credit: Edited Laliste / Credits : fxxu, morfar, ajoheyho / Pixabay

3/ Bear

In 2017 a bear managed to escape from a German zoo. Staff quickly realised and locked visitors in the monkey house so that they could be save.

Unfortunately, animal park employees decided to kill the animal outright to avoid any casualties.

ours couche tronc
Credits: raincarnation40 / Pixabay

2/ Tiger

Tigers are big and agile predators and are without a doubt one of the most dangerous animals.

In 2015, flooding in Georgia helped around hundred wild animals to escape from ta zoo.  Among these animals included a tiger which managed to break into a warehouse and kill a 43 year old man.  The man had been attacked around the throat and didn’t manage to survive the journey to the hospital.  The police had to kill the tiger.

In 2007 a tiger managed to escape from its enclosure in a San Francisco zoo.  Three young teens were attacked and one didn’t survive.  However it appears that the teens had provoked the tiger by putting their legs between the barriers of the enclosure.  This was enough for the powerful animal to claw and leap out of its enclosure. It was later shot by zoo employees due to its violent behaviour.

tigre rugit
Credits: fxxu / Pixabay

1/ Lion

In 2015, a lion managed to escape a Chinese zoo.  A maintenance worker aged 65 years old was used to working inside the lions cage and was not afraid. However one day he turned his back to the lion and it threw itself on the man pulling away his shoulders and part of his neck.  The man died from his injuries.

The gate remained open and the lion escaped.  Staff and visitors were then evacuated but the lion was shot so it wouldn’t pose another risk.  Unfortunately not all these stories have a happy ending!

Credits: Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay

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