On the run… 10 dangerous animals which escaped from the zoo!

Credit: Edited Laliste / Credits : fxxu, morfar, ajoheyho / Pixabay

6/ Wolves

In January 2018, Torak a wolf from a Berkshire animal centre manged to escape from its enclosure which had been damaged by strong gusting winds.  Many people set out to look for the animal and only six hours after its escape it was recaptured.

Although this story finishes well, this wasn’t the case in 2017 when a wolf escaped from its enclosure. It was impossible to catch as it started to near a very busy road.  The zoo had no other choice but to kill the animal for the safety of visitors and the general public.

Loup animaux dangereux
Credits: christels / Pixabay

5/ Gorilla

Once again this story has a happy ending, but it could have ended very badly.  In 2016 a gorilla called Kumbuka managed to escape its London enclosure from London Zoo.  It wasn’t difficult for him as the enclosure had in fact been left open.

Zoo visitors were immediately sent to safety.  It only took thirty minutes for employees to tranquilize the animal and return it to its enclosure.  No one was injured as the gorilla remained inside the reserved area for staff.  The only apparent loss was five litres of blackcurrant juice that Kumbuka managed to gulp down while on the run.  It seems that he had more of a sweet tooth than a violent nature!

Gorille animaux dangereux
Credits : diego_torres / Pixabay

4/ Elephant

In 2017 inhabitants from Baraboo woke up to find an elephant escaped from the circus walking in their streets! While it was on the run, the elephant only walked around and grass in the village.  When the elephant’s master arrived he only had to call it by its first name and take it back to its enclosure.

elephant animaux dangereux
Credits: ajoheyho / Pixabay