10 Coolest work offices in the world

It is always nice to go to work when the office is cool!!

When we think of working somewhere idyllic we often think of the offices at Google who paved the way for open space co working, relaxed atmospheres, hammocks, gyms and fun cafes. Other companies around the world are starting to recognize that a cool office makes happy workers, who are more productive. Here are 10 offices that have super cool offices which will make you want to try and get a job to work there!

1/ Selgas Cano, Madrid,Spain

These offices are nestled in the forest in the city of Madrid. An architectural company which have designed cool offices that are open, bright, clean and low in the ground!



2/ Google around the world

Of course we have to mention Google who have the best offices around the world. A special mention for their different meeting rooms, our favourite is the hot air balloon.