The 10 most closely surveyed places in the world -and they’re not prisons!

With a list like this one, you may be expecting that prisons will surely be at the top of it. However, it’s far from the case! Banks, caves or borders -the most secure places in the world are not necessarily those which you may have imagined. Here are 10 places across the world under high surveillance, which have pulled out all the stops!

1/ Granite Mountain Records Vault, USA

Also known as “The Vault”, this curious establishment holds documents considered of high importance for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Every centimeter is monitored by heat and movement sensors which can signal the presence of an intruder.

Screenshot: YouTube

2/ Parksafe car park, United Kingdom

This English car park must be the safest place in the world to park your car! Following recurrent violence and vandalism, the city authorities decided to to transform it into an “armoured” car park: they installed spectacular security updates in this previously isolated area, which is now the most secure car park in the world.

Credits: Flickr

3/ Safes in the private bank of Zurich, Switzerland

These safes are among the most closely monitored in the world: to open them, you would need three different reinforced keys, to divert the attention of several armed guards and to get past a surveillance system that is at the forefront of technology. A robbery is likely to be very, very tricky.

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

4/ Iron Mountain, USA

Once a limestone mine, Iron Mountain is nowadays a hidden bunker which holds numerous national treasures and historical relics, over a space of 160,000 meters squared, buried more than 65 meters underground. Armed guards are posted in front of the establishment 24 hours a day.

Credits: Geograph

5/ Fort Knox, USA

The United States “gold depot” holds thousands of tons of gold and stores very precious historical documents (including the Declaration of Independence, among others). The windows of the fort are bullet-proof, fire proof and smoke proof, and are sealed both on the outside and inside. The main door, weighing 22 tons, is made of an anti-explosive material, and the granite walls, measuring 1.22 meters thick, are the perfect deterrent for anyone who ever considered a little breaking and entering. Finally, armed officers constantly guard the perimeter.

Credits: Flickr