The 10 most bloodthirsty dictators in history – the “winner” is not who you think!

History tells us that certain bloodthirsty dictators knew exactly how to take power over a nation, if not several nations, and how to create a reign of terror. Other people’s lives and common humanity were of no importance, as long as they achieved their goal: absolute power. Here is the list of the ten most murderous heads of state throughout history.

10/ Mohammed Suharto

This Indonesian ex-president is known for his anti-communist politics. A loyal ally of the United States during the Cold War, his dictatorship caused the deaths of 1.5 million people.

9/ Kim II Sung

Kim Il Sung was the founder and the first dictator of North Korea, in which he was the president up until his death. Linked to the death of approximately 1.6 million people, he is none other than the grandfather of the current dictator in the country, Kim Jong-Un.

8/ Saddam Hussein

In power in Iraq, Saddam Hussein didn’t think twice about assassinating his opponents: Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians, Kuwaitis, Saudis and Iranians. The number of his victims is estimated at 2 million.

7/ Pol Pot

As the ex head of the Khmer Rouge and the Communist Party of Kampuchea, Pol Pot led a genocide in Cambodia that cost the lives of around 2.5 million people (20% of the Cambodian population).

6/ Enver Pacha

Considered one of the main people responsible for the genocide of the Armenians during the First World War, Enver Pacha was the main military leader in the Ottoman Empire at the time. He was responsible for the deaths of 2.5 million people. 

Credits: Wikipedia