10 bad habits that will make you look older

We would all love to know the secret to eternal youth. We dream of maintaining the skin of a twenty year old (maybe without the spots…), the body of a thirty year old athlete or the luscious hair of a pregnant woman! Unfortunately, the passage of time is not without its effects on our body’s cells, and ageing is inevitable. But certain bad habits can accelerate the phenomenon. Here are a few things to avoid doing if you want to keep your youthful glow!

1/ Not applying sunscreen

Exposing yourself to the sun’s rays can not only increase your risk of skin cancer, but it can also lead to the appearance of premature wrinkles on your face. Researchers have shown that 90% of the signs of skin ageing are due to sun exposure. Be careful to choose your sunscreen wisely -just because you buy it in the pharmacy doesn’t mean it’s good -as certain products contain endocrine disruptors that can also increase risk of cancer. However, SPF is a must.

Credits: Pexels

2/ Not wearing sun glasses -in Winter and Summer alike

The sun, whether it’s strong or weak, can cause you to crinkle up your eyes. Wearing sun glasses will not only allow your eyes to relax, but will also prevent unnecessary wrinkles. And sun glasses aren’t just for Summer! They should be worn all year round.

Credits: Pexels

3/ Sleeping face down

If you sleep on your stomach or on your side, your face is glued to the pillow all night. It has been shown that sleeping on your back, ensuring you are not sleeping on your face, can make you appear 10 years younger.

Credits: Pexels

4/ Drinking with a straw

So what harm could this possibly do in terms of ageing? Drinking from a straw is perhaps less harmless than it may seem: pursing your lips regularly, like when you are smoking a cigarette, can form wrinkles around your mouth. As well as the fact that plastic straws are harmful to the environment. You would do better to give them a miss!

Credits: Pixabay

5/ Go on sunbeds

You are likely to know this already, and nothing can replace actual sunshine. Especially not tanning beds. Even if they can boost morale in the winter time, they are very harmful for your health.

Credits: Pixabay